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Searching for the perfect photo booth for your wedding? Not sure how much a photo booth costs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for an overview of photo booths.

Before you start your photo booth search, determine which TYPE of photo booth you’d like to see at your wedding. Do you want an enclosed booth? An open air booth? What about an inflatable or an outdoor booth in a truck or van? Or do you want the latest technology and prefer a magic mirror booth?

After you figure out which booth style you prefer, check out The Knot to see which booths are available in your area. Find a few companies and check out their websites, instagrams, and Facebook pages! The price range of your booth will depend on which booth you’ve decided you’d like at your wedding. Remember, magic mirror booths have high tech interactive features that open air iPad booths do not, so you’ll definitely be paying more for a life size, full length magic mirror booth. As for the iPad booths, they may be cheaper per hour and have less features!

After you figure out the type, you’ll need to think about your guests and if they’d enjoy unlimited print outs or if they’d be okay with just text and email sharing. If you want unlimited, make sure to find companies that offer that feature. Also, do you want a copy of all the photos? If so, try to find a company that includes a USB free of charge!

When it comes to pricing for the traditional open open air booths you’re looking at a price range of $100-$200 per hour. For magic mirror photo booths, you’ll likely find they’re at the high end of that range and typically $200 per hour. If you want special features added, like a red carpet, customized back drop, and the like, try to find a company that includes these in their package or has the ability to add-on at a reasonable price!

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