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Pittsburgh Penguins

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I almost fooled you there; I know you thought the title of this would be Pittsburgh Paparazzi. Or at least Pittsburgh Steelers, but guess what! We are HUGE penguins fans and love cheering on our favorite hockey team. Katie’s been on the Jumbotron (aka Big Screen) once in her life, and she will never live it down. If you’d like to see the footage, email and you’ll see the excitement. Martin said he’s never seen her more excited for the Pens after they’ve scored a goal. We own too much Pens gear, and would rather wear Pens gear over anything else. Well, actually, I retract that statement. We’d probably rather wear our Harley Davidson (HD) gear. Or better yet - Harley Davidson Pittsburgh Penguins gear! Someone has a fashion line idea in mind. Anyway, I’ll save the HD talk for another post. The Penguins won the Stanley cup the year Katie was born, and again the year she graduated high school. Yes, if you’re smart enough, you now know how old Katie is. We won’t reveal Martin’s age though; however, if you know your Pens stats, you’ll be surprised to know their the Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t even make it to the playoffs the year Martin was born. I’ll make sure to hit the blog up with some Pens trivia at a later date! Bye for now!

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