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Props on Props on Props

We got new props! We upgraded our lips on sticks to aluminum and plastic (rather than card stock and wooden sticks) so they will literally last forever! Our mustaches are also plastic on aluminum sticks and we love them! There are about 30 to choose from!!

We have a few blow up prop options, including guitars, a stereo, microphone, and piano. We have countless glasses, and beads to wear. We have boas and hats! We have a black gangster hat, a prison hat, and Mario and Luigi hats! Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi?! We also have a Chinese umbrella and a telephone!

Book us today for your event to take advantage of these awesome props that will make your guests go wild! (724) 99-PHOTO

Pictured above is Katie, one of Pittsburgh Paparazzi's owners, trying out the new props!

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