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About Us

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I hope you’ve read about your Marketing Director and The Business Manager by now, but in case you haven’t, I’ll direct you to those blog posts by clicking on the names before continuing on with this one.

Martin (aka Marty to some) and Katie met in 2012 and became best friends. Katie loves taking pictures, Martin hates them. You know how it is. The guy never smiles, and the woman takes about a million pictures of the same photo and wonders why they all look the same. There was one thing they both had in common though - the inspiration and drive to start their own business. It was like business at first sight! Both Katie and Martin (more so Martin, though) help out with Martin’s family business, Tri-State Filter Mfg. Which, by the way, if you need great quality, handmade filters at a very low cost, you really should contact them! They don’t have social media or a website because they still run business like it’s 1980, but I’m sure you could fax in an order...if you still own a fax machine. You might find one next to the type-writer in your grandma’s basement. Anyway, Pittsburgh Paparazzi was started in 2018 after being inspired at Jacqueline & Kyle Arrison’s wedding. The attendant at the photo booth told Katie and Martin they were perfect for the job. With their enthusiasm and teamwork, the attendant was confident they could get the job done. So here we are now, applying everything Martin’s grandparents taught us (and didn’t teach us) to our business tactics.

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