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Luna the Pittsburgh Pup

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Who is Luna? Well, she’s the one and only animal in our household! We rescued our Pittsburgh pup on March 9th, 2017. Two months after we moved into our first home. Do you see a problem with that? Well, we didn’t have the carpet-made-for-pets installed because we didn’t have any animals at the time of installation! Oops. Rookie mistake! Anyway, Luna is our pretty little princess. Did I say little? I mean 40 pounds little. She has one blue eye and one brown eye and that’s was caught mommy’s eye, literally. Mom wasn’t so sure about rescuing her at first, and actually made Dad drive 1.5 hours the following day to go back and pick her up from the pound in Ohio. Mom likes to use the term, “sleep on it” and really sleep through all decisions so she’s not too impulsive, but we all know she’s impulsive when it comes to shopping. Mom woke up the day after meeting Luna, and really missed her, so off Dad went, back to Ohio to rescue Luna. Luna had so many toys in 2017, especially after her Puppy Party (I’ll write about later), but her toy count has really decreased since she shreds them all. The picture above is her at the pound the day before we rescued her. She has such an amazing personality! I wish y’all could meet her, but I definitely can’t bring a dog to your wedding, or retirement party, or sweet 16, or whatever event it is that you book Pittsburgh Paparazzi for. She truly thinks she’s a human, hence why she sleeps on beds and uses pillows regularly. She’s no longer crated and completely house trained - except for that one time when she decided to pee on the couch...

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