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Harley Davidson (HD)

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Let’s talk about HD. There are many things to take in consideration, such as “what does HD really stand for?” Well, for starters, high dollar. Everything you buy will be priced at a high dollar amount. The important thing that you should remember, though, is that these bikes are heavy duty. We’re talking 750 pounds heavy! HD can also stand for hot dog, which is usually what you get for free when you go to a Harley party at the dealership. You will encounter women and men dressed in (overpriced) Harley gear. The best acronym for HD that I’ve found is Happy Days. You know why? Every day riding on a Harley is a happy day.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Harley Davidson, and that’s because I forgot to mention we have a 2016 Road Glide in red! It’s beautiful and very fun to ride. Riding is probably our second favorite thing to do, because attending Pens games is definitely our favorite! More to come on the one and only, Motorcycle Man that drives our Harley!

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