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(724) 99 - PHOTO

Pittsburgh Paparazzi is so excited to announce that we have a really AWESOME business phone number. The number above, (724)99-PHOTO, is our business vanity number and we couldn’t be more happy with it! The numbers out there to choose from are slim, and we weren’t able to get Magic in the number, but I think PHOTO is even better!

For those of you that aren’t 100% positive what PHOTO means, our full number is (724) 997-4686! It’s easy to remember since you just have to remember the area code, 99 and PHOTO!

BOOTH was also an option, but it was randomly 82 in front of the letters/numbers BOOTH (instead of 99)

Call 724-99-PHOTO today!

and we thought 99 was easier to remember! So, feel free to give us a call or text! We’d love to hear from you and how we can help make the entertainment fabulous at your next event!

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